National Organization – PDC Updates

Educational Programming subcommittee: This year, the PDC has a new subcommittee that is reviewing what programming NCURA is currently providing, what else we need to be doing, listening to member feedback and input, and developing new programming based on identified needs. White papers for new programs are currently being developed and reviewed, so stay tuned for new offerings in the near future!

  • Lifecycle webinars: NCURA recently completed the Lifecycle of the Award webinar series, a series of 14 webinars providing basic training on research administration tools, proposal development, pre-award/budgeting, award negotiation and acceptance, award monitoring and management, and compliance. The webinars are now available for purchase on demand, in whole or in part, for individuals and institutions to utilize for training/curriculum development:
  • Fundraising items for Education Scholarship Fund: Research Administrator Day notecards (designed by members of the regions) and a children’s book on research administration (penned by President Bob Andresen) are both available for purchase at the NCURA marketplace. All proceeds from these two items will support the NCURA Education Scholarship Fund.
  • Evaluations of existing programs: All of the PDC subcommittees have been charged with operationalizing the process of evaluating our programs, with the intent of improving all offerings, sunsetting those which are no longer used/needed, identifying excellent speakers and topics, and reviewing content to ensure materials are accurate and up to date.
  • PDC Membership: The PDC member application for 2017-18 terms will be distributed in mid-August, following the Annual Meeting.The region’s active members are encouraged to apply!