Cheryl-Lee Howard Mentor Me Program

Cheryl-Lee Howard
On December 18, 2013, the Region II Steering Committee voted to rename the ‘Mentor Me’ program in honor of Cheryl-Lee Howard.
Learn more about Cheryl-Lee, and her sterling career in research administration.

The 2019 Mentees are:  

Adrianna DunnockUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
Mentor: Stan Jackson, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Amanda Howard, Hostos Community College – City University of New York
Mentor: Jared Littman, St. John University

Melinda McGill-Carlison, Cornell University
Mentor: Mary Louise Healy, Johns Hopkins University

Jonathan Parker, Kean University
Mentor: Margarita Cardona, University of Baltimore

Rhonda Shaffer, Penn State College of Medicine Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Mentor: Cheryl Williams, University of Rochester

The Cheryl-Lee Howard Mentor Me Program is a mentoring program providing educational and professional development opportunities by and for the members of the Region which will strengthen and increase the number of new and emerging leaders in research administration actively involved in NCURA. Both the Mentee and Mentor must be NCURA members in order to participate.


The Mentor Me Program provides a one-on-one, targeted approach to learning about the field of research administration and NCURA at both the regional and national levels.  The program matches a Mentee with a Mentor who has complementary skills, background and experience to assist them in identifying leadership and professional development goals and objectives.

The Mentor will also help the Mentee formulate a Leadership and/or Professional Development (L&PD) Plan, a critically important element of the Program. This Plan will include the identification of a Leadership Project, which will include a presentation at this year’s regional meeting in Jersey Cit, NJ.  Professional Development can include a career plan aimed towards promotion or for transition to a different position or ways to improve a current position.  This is a team effort between the Mentor and the Mentee.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Develop a Leadership and/or Professional Development Plan, in consultation with Mentor, that includes measurable and achievable leadership and/or professional development goals and objectives
  • Be available, responsive and respectful of time commitments
  • Participate fully in scheduled phone meetings
  • Remain open to feedback from Mentor
  • Seek opportunities to continually grow professionally, and to contribute to NCURA at the regional and national levels.  This includes
    • Presenting at the 2019 Regional Meeting in Jersey City, NJ, in October, with or without the mentor
    • Volunteering for at least one shift at the registration desk at the 2019 Regional Meeting
  • Must have his/her institution’s written support, including partial financial support for travel to and attendance at the Region II meeting, time for participation in the June  Retreat, and for their participation in this program for its duration.


  • Assist Mentee in setting his/her goals and objectives
  • Help the Mentee devise a viable Leadership and/or Professional Development Plan
  • Be accessible to Mentee based on a mutually agreed upon schedule
  • Participate in monthly calls with Program Committee
  • Enthusiastically share information, skills and knowledge
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Serve as a thoughtful listener and supportive advisor
  • Encourage opportunities for professional growth and volunteer contributions

Mentor Me Program Committee

  • Develop Mentor Me Program, content and materials
  • Identify and recruit suitable Mentors
  • Match Mentors with Mentees
  • Help resolve issues and concerns
  • Monitor Program progress, including through monthly calls with all Mentors and Mentees
  • Provide programmatic guidance and helpful on-line resource tools
  • Annually evaluate the Mentor Me Program


February 15, 2019:  Call for Mentees goes out
March 18, 2019:  Nominations/self-nominations due
Late March 2019:  Selection and pairing by Mentor Me Program Committee to Steering Committee
Early April:  Mentees are notified of selection
April-November, 2019:  Mentor Me program timeline
June 12-14, 2019:  One full and one-half day retreat prior to Region II Regional meeting
October 16-18, 2019: Regional Meeting, Jersey City, NJ

Q & A

  • What is the time commitment?
    • Eight(8) months.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Region II covers travel and lodging for the retreat in June 2019, as well as registration fees and meals during meeting hours for the Regional Meeting in October 2019
    • Mentee is responsible for travel and lodging for the Regional Meeting in October 2019
  • How many slots are available?
    • Up to five (5) mentee slots per year.
  • What do past mentees say about the program?
    • Read past mentee statements here.

For more information, contact Jennifer Harman @ .