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Upcoming Events

  • Subregion 8 (College Park)
    Tuesday, September 25, 2018, Mulligan’s Grill, College Park, MD, 5:00p
    RSVP; More Information
  • Subregion 1 (Western NY)
    Tuesday, September 25, 2018, Helen Wood Hall, Rochester, NY 14642, 3:30p
    Professional Development Event with Guest Speakers (Program, Map)

Region II boasts more members than any of the other NCURA regions, but many face financial and logistical constraints that prevent them from participating more frequently, including attending the Regional and Annual Meetings.

To that end, we are proud to announce the creation of nine Subregions within Region II, each of which is based in a central geographic location according to the distribution of the Region II membership as a whole:

Subregion 1        Western NY (includes Buffalo and Rochester areas)
Subregion 2        Eastern NY (includes Ithaca, Syracuse, and Albany areas)
Subregion 3        New York City
Subregion 4        Philadelphia
Subregion 5        Central PA
Subregion 6        Pittsburgh (includes West Virginia)
Subregion 7        Baltimore
Subregion 8        College Park (includes Montgomery County and Eastern Shore)
Subregion 9        Washington, DC

Each Subregion will hold their own events throughout the year, including networking events, workshops, and working groups, which will provide opportunities for our members to interact with their colleagues in a more local, budget-friendly setting.  Members are initially added to a single Subregion based on their location, but are encouraged to attend events in other Subregions as well.  Additionally, Subregions will be hosting events at both the Annual Meeting in August and the Region II Meeting in October.  All events will be announced via email and this website, as well as through the Region II Facebook page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer within your particular Subregion, please reach out to the appropriate Subregion Leader:

Subregion 1        Elliot Frank //
Subregion 2        Bella DiFranzo //
Subregion 3        Kris Wolff //
Subregion 4        Anita Mills //
Subregion 5        Missy Surovec //
Subregion 6        Aniko Nalevanko //
Subregion 7        Danielle Brown //
Subregion 8        Katie McKeon //
Subregion 9        Catherine Parker //